In the 1970s… Ed Headrick trademarked the name “Disc Golf™”, invented and patented the “Basket-on-a-Pole” target for completing

each “Hole” and started a sports-business.

Over the next 44 years… 11,000 Disc Golf

“basket” courses were installed in more than

40 countries all around the world.

(An average of 250 new courses every year.)

Although the idea of playing golf with a disc is

a great concept… and millions of people play...

all of the “basket” courses were low-budget, mostly free and of very poor quality.

The “Basket-on-a-Pole” was necessary, at first, because of the rough land and the low maintenance of the properties, on which the courses were located.

Some believe the “Basket-on-a-Pole” is too easy when “putting” and... with just one type of horizontal throw… the elevated basket doesn’t allow for “rollers”, “skips” and “vertical drops”. (Throws that are fundamental to the game.)

Low-budget, free courses with "baskets" initially popularized the sport and if you're

looking for something a little more economical...

the "Basket-on-a-Pole" target is a great option!​

It All Began with a "Basket-on-a-Pole"

A Flying-Disc Entrapment Device

K.A. Headrick  -  E.E. Headrick

La Canada, CA

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