Build a Better Course

Whether it's a "New Course", "Re-Design" or "Golf Course Conversion"


Low-budget, poor quality and free... DOESN'T WORK WELL...

if you really want to provide great recreation for the "general public" and attract a much larger market.

It should be the same as building a quality GOLF course but, on a much smaller parcel of land.

You can't expect the "general public" to play a low-budget, poorly maintained, un-supervised course.

It wouldn't work for GOLF and... it doesn't work for "DISC" GOLF!


We are now, (FINALLY), entering the "NEW ERA" of "COURSE DESIGN"

As a leader in the industry... our company offers creative excellence in course design that can meet a variety of needs for our clients.

The critical phase of the plan begins once 

our team understands the client's wishes.

While the process varies greatly from project to project, a basic plan is followed, with a goal to exceed expectations.

And... at some point... you'll need to decide on a "Free" or "Pay-and-Play" plan.

The inevitable transformation between “sub-quality free courses” and 

“self-sustainable commercial courses” required a dramatic change

in thinking, design, management, maintenance and marketing.

It’s the new way of presenting the sport… that's better… for all ages... men and women… and every demographic sector.

We design gorgeous courses for Resorts, Parks and Real Estate Developers!
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Course Design, Construction, Management, Maintenance, Consultation and Funding

Our team of professional engineers, architects and designers will give you the best results

for whatever budget we are given... small, medium or large.


From our Design Studios... on the coast of southern California... Thanks!

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