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We design top QUALITY DISCOLF® COURSES for daily play...

and major media tournaments.

The game is played on an open-air course, (that can vary in size),

in which a sport-disc is thrown into a series of "Ground-Hole" targets - the object being - to use the fewest possible throws to complete the course.

A tremendous boost to the local economy! 

DISCOLF® is State-of-the-Art

Design and Construction Budgets

From $3,000,000

The Best!

DISCOLF® - Recreational Facility - (colo

This 80 acre DISCOLF® FACILITY includes:


An 18 Hole Championship DISCOLF® Course and a 9 Hole Pitch & Putt DISCOLF® Course

2 Restaurants and a Treehouse Deli; an Observation Tower; Streams; Lakes; Waterfalls;

a Grassy Amphitheater for related Disc Sports, Concerts, Parties, Weddings, etc.

and 1.5 miles of dual side-by-side Hike & Bike Nature Trails around the facility.


For decades, millions of fans waited for the sport of “disc golf” to advance to the next level.

Better courses, better tournaments and better coverage on nationwide television.

A change in quality, a change in appearance and a change in thinking.​

It's a Game-Changer.

DISCOLF® is an advanced BRAND of "DISC GOLF"

To protect our BRAND... we TRADEMARKED the name to represent quality

and we PATENTED the "Ground-Hole" to assure proper growth.

A Great Finishing Hole for a Major Media Tournament

This treacherous 918' Par 5 makes for a sensational finishing Hole.


The "WOW" factor is way off the charts!


It features four eye-popping elevated landing-pads

between the Tee and the Green. 


Miss one of the landing-pads and you're in big trouble.


The best way to "birdie" this beauty... is to throw from the Tee...

to the 1st landing-pad... to the 3rd landing-pad... to the Green...

and one putt.

The Dimensions

The middle of the 1st landing-pad is 295' from the back Tee 


plus 135' to the middle of the 2nd landing-pad


plus 170' to the middle of the 3rd landing-pad 


plus 140' to the middle of the 4th landing-pad 


plus 178' to the middle of the Green.


Good Luck!

A Dramatic Setting

Along with big elevation changes, this dramatic setting includes

tree hazards, tree traps and a stream that snakes

around and thru all of the landing-pads. 


There are multiple routes to choose from and

the Hole was designed to play havoc with players

that don't patiently pace themselves from Tee to Green.


This classic Par 5 also comes with stadium seating on both sides

of the Fairway and behind the Green for major tournament spectator viewing.

It's also pre-wired, (underground), with fiber optic cable for television.


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