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The 1st step in every project is the site analysis. Our team carefully determines what opportunities are available and once we're familiar with the site, it is important for us to completely understand the needs and goals of our client and the project.

Working together with the project owner, our team selects the best parameters for the course and the best "routing of the Holes" is created.

At this point, our team determines a conceptual design strategy in which the course's character, style and personality are developed. We blend the surrounding environment into the eventual look and feel of the project... while creating a variety of dynamic Holes.

A detailed grading plan is then produced to show how the soil will be moved and how the elevations will be constructed... in order for the players to see all of the obstacles in front of them.

A clearing plan will document how our team plans to preserve and work with existing vegetation... while an agronomist and arborist are consulted for the best use of grasses and trees.

Finally... our grading plan will exhibit a layout for course drainage, irrigation, tree plantings, grasses and a cart path.

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Step No. 1 - Pre Construction

Project and Site Analysis > Preliminary and Final Routing > Permits and Approvals > Plan for Production > Project Engineering > Consultants for Irrigation, Agronomy and Trees > Contractor Bidding > Selection of Materials

Step No. 2 - Clearing

Site Surveying > Site Preparation > Phase One Clearing > Phase Two Clearing > Selective Clearing > Grubbing

Step No. 3 - Excavation

Soil Engineering > Topsoil Stripping > Earthwork for (Typical Site), (Rock Site), (High Water Table) > Surveying

Step No. 4 - Rough Shaping

Selection of Shaper(s) > Surveying > Large Scale Shaping > Detail Feature Shaping

Step No. 5 - Drainage

Drainage Engineer > Storm Drainage > Feature Drainage > Compaction and Clean Up

Step No. 6 - Irrigation

Irrigation Plan > Installation of Irrigation Pump Station > Irrigation Layout > Irrigation Installation > Clean Up

Step No. 7 - Feature Construction

Lakes > Roller Traps > Tees > Greens > Cart Path

Step No. 8 - Finish Shaping

Fairways > Rough > Tees and Greens


Step No. 9 - Grassing and Trees

Tree Planting > Seed Bed Preparation > Grassing and Landscaping

Step No. 10 - Grow In

Fertilization > Disease Control > Erosion Control > Mowing and Grooming > Final Clean Up

Step No. 11 - Grand Opening

Step No. 12 - Televised Tournament

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