DISCOLF® courses use the innovation of a better disc-catching receptacle, as the target, for completing each “Hole”.  The newly patented “Ground-Hole” target was not practical before the conception of better courses with well maintained Greens.  It’s an historic improvement.


As opposed to the use of Baskets-on-a-Pole that only allow for the horizontal entry of a thrown disc, (which is too easy), the Ground-Hole receptacle only allows for a vertical entry of a thrown disc, (which is not as easy), and includes the additional possibilities for “rollers”, “skips” and “vertical drops”… while rejecting discs that are “slid” across the Green.

The “Ground-Hole” target allows for a variety of throws that are simply not possible with a “Basket-on-a-Pole”.

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“Ground-Hole Receptacle”- Patent # 8,967,624 and Patent # 9,162,128

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