Resorts, Parks and Real Estate Developers...



"Disc" golf is a great activity for Hotels and Resorts…

ALL ages, men and women and a nationally televised tournament is the best advertising!

You'll be amazed at the magnetic ability of your course to attract visitors, guests and players from everywhere!


8,000 poor quality courses, (like this), in Public Parks don't serve the public well.

Evolving over the last 40+ years… the time has come for better courses.

Every community should RE-think their "disc" golf programs.


A quality "disc" golf course will add beauty and value to any Real Estate Development!

Fun recreation and exercise... for ALL ages... men and women!


Ski Areas


Ride the lift up the hill… "disc" golf your way down the hill… 

complete with manicured Tees, Fairways and Greens.

A visual pleasure on nationwide television…

and a great summer attraction!

It’s hard to fathom the extent of business your course will promote!

Millions will see your course on television… thousands will come to play!


IN ADDITION... we also look for mutually attractive long-term land-leases, at spectacular locations.
If you can supply the land.... then we will afford the design, construction, management, maintenance and funding!


Golf Course Closing

Unfortunately, many golf courses lose money and can’t meet expenses because there are too many golf courses and not enough players.

"Disc" golf has a bigger market and a bigger profit margin and we can showcase your "Disc" golf course with a nationally televised event.

By reusing many of the existing elements… Converting Your Golf Course is Very Affordable… and much easier than you might think!

We design gorgeous courses for Resorts, Parks and Real Estate Developers!
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Course Design, Construction, Management, Maintenance, Consultation and Funding

Our team of professional engineers, architects and designers will give you the best results

for whatever budget we are given... small, medium or large.


From our Design Studios... on the coast of southern California... Thanks!

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