The Pro Tour on Television

The Power of Professional Sports

After your CHAMPIONSHIP DISCOLF® COURSE is designed and built... we'll place it on the PROFESSIONAL DISCOLF® TOUR...

as our tournament production company presents your premier DISCOLF® course/facility... for all to see... on national television!

There is already a very well established television audience... on the edge of their seat... primed to watch DISCOLF®.

Millions of fans have waited to see "Disc" Golf on television... and the visibility will attract thousands to your location.

The Power of                on Television

DISCOLF® is State-of-the-Art.

Design and Construction Budgets

From $3,000,000

We design gorgeous courses for Resorts, Parks and Real Estate Developers!
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Course Design, Construction, Management, Maintenance, Consultation and Funding

Our team of professional engineers, architects and designers will give you the best results

for whatever budget we are given... small, medium or large.


From our Design Studios... on the coast of southern California... Thanks!

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